Ufos as angelic or demonic manifestation

Although many believers in flying saucers maintain that their inhabitants are friendly not all accounts ufo contact are serene and congenial. Space intelligence can be eitheir beneficent or nefarious beings. They belong to an universe where the moral order is different. Like their intelligent counterparts on planet Earth, they have the ability and responsibility to choose between god and evil. As in religious world views god and evil in ufo mitology are given cosmic proportions. They are perceived as two diametrally opposed forces at work in the universe. They are constantly in war with each other. The descriptions of ufo activities by contactist can be generally classified into two main categories. One depicts the aliens as angelic and actractive beings who appear suddenly in a bright light and who are interested in the well-being of the human race. These travellers from other regions of the space care for the human race and its welfare. Many of the ufo messages channeled through people who believe they have been designated for the task show concerne for the present human plight which as been brought to ahead the developed of nuclear power and the missuse of Earth’s natural resources that has led to a serious ecological crisis. The aliens are calling as back to our sense warning us that destruction of erthlies ahead if we do not reform and guiding us in our efforts to preserve the Earth. Religious goal such has spiritual trasformation, redemption from earthly woes, creation of a paradisal condition in this life and preparation for a higher life form after death are among the benefit that ufo occupants in part through human contactees.

The second trend is to look on aliens as dangerous and terrifying creatures or negative astral entities whose activities are violent and hostile. They are unwanted intruders in human life because their intentions are inimical to the well-being of the human race. They are superior invaders who are secretly watching us experimenting on human life just as humans experiment on animal life here on Earth. They make continuous attempts to interrupt human contacts with our space relatives. Their final goal is to conquere, subdue and control the Earth and its inhabitants.

Such a theory about goal of flying saucers is corroborated not only by abituctees who are have had frightening ufo experiences but also by some influential writers on the ufo phenomenon.

Even though less alarming views of the abduction experiences have been offered, some style persist in presenting a rather disturbing view of ufos and the intentions of their occupants.

The view that they are both tening super beings at large in the cosmos who are engaged in the eternal fight between god and evil is amenable to philosophical and religious over tones. It can also be harmonized with christian theology battle between the god and the bad angels representing the universal struggle between the divine and the demonic, a struggle that has both cosmic and eartly proportions. The god can be said to be angels sent by God to help humankind, while the Evil ones are demonic beings and forces that are determined to draw human beings away from God.

Infact flying saucers occupants can be identified not only with the angels of the Judeo-Christian tradition but also with the demons of the same tradition. Some writers say that ufo are a modern manifestation of demon activity and for this reason they are here to misguide the human race. Many christian writers think that ufos are apocalyptic signe: for these writers ufos can be the heavenly signe that herald the Second Coming of Christ with its consequent judgment. Ufos are for these writers an indication that the decisive great battle of Armageddon is not far away.

One of the most appealing aspect of ufos is their religious content and structure. Ufos can readily function as a religion for several reasons. They deal with important and often ultimate iussues human lifecontain references to entities that bear same resemblance to traditional religious beings such as gods, supernatural heroes, angels and devils. The ufos appear to have a spiritual or transhuman nature since their presence is not susceptible to modern empirical investigation. At least seven major religious themes or elements dominate accounts of ufos sightings and contacts: mystery, transcendence, belief in spiritual entities, perfection, salvation, world view and spirituality.
These religious themes present in ufo phenomena are very interesting for the history of religions and for this reason we believe that the religious dimension of ufo phenomena is very important.

* * *

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  1. Marc
    | Rispondi

    Are so-called beautiful “Nordic Aliens”, so often reported by many witnesses of UFO observations around the World, our REAL, most distant Ancestors?? I am quite convinced of it! This would explain an ENORMOUS amount of “mysteries” and “enigmas” about the most distant Past of the White Nordic-Celtic Blonde Race! This whole theme could be the central subject of a grandiose, magnificent Sci-Fi Movie!!…

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