Common Ground of European Celts & Indian Vedic Hindus

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  1. Anil Kakade ha detto:

    Very interesting article

  2. CKG ha detto:

    Aryavarth Bharath. The origin of 97% (maternally) to 98% (paternally) of the Indo-Europeans.

  3. owen ha detto:

    The age of Kali ,is begun 5000 years ago the bhramana falls ,the demons start to kill the favorite animal of Vishnu,the Bull an cow,this has to be reversed ,the brahmanas instruct the king to kill anyone who hurts the cow ,this animal products milk an gee used in vedic sacrifice the bull product’s grains to offer with gee as sacrifice without offerings there will be no rain ect .this is already happening.

  4. Ripper ha detto:

    True indians were europeans, ancient indians depicted themselves as white with blonde and red hair and blue and green eyes. These are european traits only and non europeans cannot have these traits unless they’re mixed. Every culture in the world worshipped white gods from the aztecs and mayans who worshipped blue eyed blonde hair gods to even the Africans. Look at wicca also which is just as old as paganism if not older. Wicca worshipped hindu gods among other gods as well. Wicca is a European religion.

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